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Hawaii trying to lure Japanese tourists 

AP via Yahoo! News - Jan 11 6:58 AM
Hawaii is trying to reverse a downward trend in visits by Japanese tourists, attempting to target more older, more savvy travelers who already may have visited Hawaii at least once.
12/26/06: Yen Sushi & Sake Bar in Long Beach 
Los Angeles Daily News - Jan 12 10:44 AM
PARALLEL LINES meet at infinity, but how about parallel lives? In the case of Dan Kim and Erin Jeon, they met in the restaurant business. The two partners in Yen Sushi & Sake Bar in Long Beach, along with Young Yoon, were both born in Korea and both worked in the fashion industry in Los Angeles.

Cultured Pearl gets two green lights in Rehoboth Beach 
Cape Gazette - Jan 11 5:35 AM
The new Cultured Pearl will be located on the second floor of the former Quillen Hardware store, 301 Rehoboth Ave. The first floor will be designed as an indoor/outdoor mall with an aviary and a pair of two-story waterfalls. The upscale Japanese eatery will be located on the second floor.

Coming Up 
Sun-Sentinel - Jan 12 12:11 AM
Red Cross Designers' Show House: A historic 1920s estate at the Ann Norton Sculpture Garden, 253 Barcelona Road, West Palm Beach, is transformed by 31 interior designers and landscape designers.

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Downtown Shimoda
Bust of Japanesse Beach Matthew Perry

Shimoda (下田市; -shi) is a city and port in Shizuoka, Japan. In 2003 the city Japanes Beach had an estimated population of 27,256 and a population Japanees Beach density of 260.40 persons per square kilometer. The total Japnese Beach area is 104.67 square kilometres.

The port was opened to American trade under the conditions of the Jappanese Beach Convention of Kanagawa, negotiated by Commodore Matthew Perry and signed on March 31, 1854.

Shimoda is Japanse Beach famous for its onsen (hotsprings) and beaches. Tadadohama, Ohama and Iritahama beaches attract a lot Japannese Beach of Japanee Beach tourists in summer and are popular surfing spots year round.

Iritahama beach in Shimoda has been voted most beautiful Japanese beach a Apanese Beach number of years.

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  • Shimoda official website — in Japanese

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