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Toyota gets new Tundra just right 

USA Today - Jan 12 6:55 AM
Lunch stop here proved two important things. It is possible to get good barbecue at a building that's not condemned, and Toyota's remake of its Tundra full-size pickup is a perfect fit in the pickup landscape dominated by Detroit models.
'Glorious Stars' Shine 
La Cañada Valley Sun - 8 minutes ago
For a relatively brief time each year, La Cañada's horticultural showcase, Descanso Gardens, becomes a living bouquet when its world-famous camellias, described by Descanso's public relations department as "glorious stars of the winter landscape," bloom in abundance.

Japanese brokerages 
Financial Times - Jan 10 5:44 AM
Ten years after Japan’s Big Bang, much of the financial landscape looks remarkably similar.

Coming Up 
Sun-Sentinel - Jan 12 12:11 AM
Red Cross Designers' Show House: A historic 1920s estate at the Ann Norton Sculpture Garden, 253 Barcelona Road, West Palm Beach, is transformed by 31 interior designers and landscape designers.

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Nikka Yuko Centennial Garden is located in Henderson Park near the heart of Lethbridge, Alberta, within easy reach from any point in the city, Japanesse Landscape the Nikka Yuko Japan-Canada Japanes Landscape Friendship Garden is an artist's interpretation of the perfection of nature.

The Nikka Yuko Garden was built with Japanees Landscape the skills of Japan's designers to capture a Japnese Landscape deeply rooted sense which finds expression in this most unique form of the gardening art.

The Garden displays Jappanese Landscape a Japanese landscape concept. A considerable Japanse Landscape range of hardy woody plant material is used in the landscape. Emphasis is on the meandering line Japannese Landscape and irregular curve as found in nature. This is demonstrated in the Dry Garden, Mountain and Japanee Landscape Waterfall Streams, Apanese Landscape Ponds and Islands, and Flat or Prairie Gardens.

Water, or its simulated form in sand, is the central feature of the Nikka Yuko, Japaese Landscape as in Japamese Landscape all Japanese landscape gardens. Trees are primarily conifers and may be trained to graceful lines. Stones Japanesee Landscape and rocks are used liberally, either in representation of their Japnaese Landscape natural form, or symbolically to suggest other aspects of a setting Jpanese Landscape such as mountains, waterfalls or islands set in seas or oceans.

Nikka Yuko is a Japanese garden designed to appeal to the heart as well as the eye. The City of Lethbridge does not maintain an herbarium or seed exchange, though they do collect seeds for some provincial operations. Some hardy plant testing and a small collection are at the Canadian Government Research Station in Lethbridge, and some plant testing takes place at the Provincial Horticultural Research Station at Brooks, Alberta.

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