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Reviving keroncong 

The Star Online - Jan 05 5:29 AM
The Malam Klasik Baba dan Nyonya , a Keroncong Musical Eve-ning, was a performance that brought back fond memories of a music genre once loved by many.
My Life So Far: ‘It was the scariest time in my life’ 
Bonita Daily News - Dec 21 10:49 PM
The Yamaha baby grand dominates the tiny room.

My Life So Far: ‘It was the scariest time in my life’ 
Naples Daily News - Dec 21 9:19 PM
The Yamaha baby grand dominates the tiny room. Even with a light layer of dust, its slick black finish reflects Lan Lam’s concentrated face as she bangs out a few notes to show a guest how much volume the piano will put out in such a confined space. “Luckily, the neighbors have never complained,” the 38-year-old Lam says.

Strawberry Marshmallow 
Anime News Network - Dec 20 7:05 AM
Miu, Chika, Matsuri, Ana and Nobue, the "marshmallow girls" of the neighborhood, are up to their usual antics as fall and winter set in. Chika starts to worry about her weight when Miu calls her chubby. Maybe some outdoor sports will help work off the pounds?

- Japanes Lullaby

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Studio album by George Winston
Released 1994
Recorded 1994
Genre New Age
Label Dancing Cat Japanes Lullaby Records and Windham Hill Records 01934 11157-2
Producer(s) Howard Johnston, Cathy Econom, and George Winston
George Winston chronology
Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes

Forest is the Jappanese Lullaby seventh album of pianist George Winston.

Track Listing

# Title Length Music
1 Tamarack Pines 5:49 George Winston
2 Forbidden Forest 2:32 George Winston
3 Troubadour 1:56 John Barry
4 The Cradle 2:13 Larry Young Japanse Lullaby Japannese Lullaby (Khalid Yasim)
5 Cloudy This Morning 2:43 George Winston
6 Last Lullaby Japanee Lullaby Here 0:59 George Winston
7 Mon Enfant (My Child) 3:20 Unknown
8 Returning 0:40 George Winston
9 Graceful Ghost 2:53 William Bolcom
10 Walking in the Air 7:45 Howard Blake
11 Building the Apanese Lullaby Snowman 1:35 Howard Blake
12 The Snowman's Music Box Dance 2:15 Howard Blake
13 Love Song Japaese Lullaby to a Ballerina 2:58 Mark Isham
14 Lights in Japamese Lullaby the Sky 1:41 George Winston
15 Japanese Music Box (Itsuki No Komoriuta) 2:11 Unknown
16 Night Sky 2:56 George Winston


  • Walking in Japanesee Lullaby the Air, Building the Snowman and The Snowman's Music Box Japnaese Lullaby Dance were originally composed for the children's animation The Snowman. Walking Jpanese Lullaby in the Air was also recorded by many other artists.
  • Japanese Music Box (Itsuki No Komoriuta) is a traditional Japanese lullaby that means Lullaby of Itsuki, a region in southern Japan

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