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Interview With M.C. Beaton, Author of Death of a Maid  

Blogcritics.org - Jan 10 2:39 PM
While I had heard of mystery writer M.C. Beaton, often through rave reviews, I had not read any of Beaton's books. So, naturally, I jumped at the chance to not only read her new book, Death of a Maid, but also to interview her. The book is scheduled for an early February 2007 release. If you, like me, are used to reading books by Michael Connelly and George Pelecanos with lots of ...
In the spotlight: Chris Nolin 
Daytona Beach News-Journal - Jan 12 12:00 AM
· Instruments: Drums, percussion, timpani, penny whistle, Irish flute and bodhran (Irish hand drum). · Musical resume: Freelance percussionist in Central Florida for more than 25 years, performing in numerous ensembles, festivals and national touring shows.

UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie 
Anime News Network - Jan 11 2:19 PM
In a future Earth where interplanetary commerce is normal and aliens peacefully cohabitate with humans on Earth, high school student Kazuto Tokino is struggling to operate his family's bathhouse when a spaceship piloted by Valkyrie, princess of the interstellar power Valhalla, crash-lands into it, killing him.

Chances are women will swoon over Swofford's 'Exit A' love story 
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - Jan 11 11:51 AM
While the best-selling debut by Marine-turned-memoirist Anthony Swofford earned him legions of male readers, the love story at the heart of his fiction debut, "Exit A," is sure to win him hordes of female admirers as well.

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Su Manshu (1884–1918) was a writer, poet, painter, revolutionary, and a translator. He was born as Xuanying in 1884 in Yokohama, Japan. He later adopted Su Manshu Japanesse Maid as a Buddhist name. His father Japanes Maid was a Cantonese merchant, and his mother was Japanees Maid his father's Japanese maid. He went back to Guangdong, China when he was five while Japnese Maid his mother stayed in Japan. He became a Buddhist monk three times Jappanese Maid during his life; once at the age of 12, later in 1899, and again Japanse Maid in 1903. He studied in Japan and traveled to many Buddhist countries including India, and Java. He was involved Japannese Maid in revolutionary activity against the Qing Dynasty writing articles and papers. Japanee Maid He mastered many languages — English, French, Japanese and Sanskrit. He died at the age of 34 Apanese Maid in Shanghai, reputedly of eating 60 meat dumplings to win a bet.

His most Japaese Maid notable work is Duan hong ling yan ji (The Lone Swan). He Japamese Maid also wrote many translations, mostly poetry such Japanesee Maid as by Byron, but also a highly criticised translation of Les Miserables.

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