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Japanese Five-Year Notes Fall for Third Week on Rate Outlook 

Bloomberg.com - 1 hour, 44 minutes ago
Jan. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Japanese five-year notes had a third weekly decline after comments by the Bank of Japan's chief economist prompted investors to renew their bets that the bank will raise interest rates next week.
Dragon Quest Tops Japanese New Year Chart 
Gamasutra - Jan 11 6:15 AM
Delayed by several days because of the Japanese New Year holidays - a more significant gift giving occasion in the country than Christmas - the latest charts for the week ending December 31st show a highly impressive debut for Square Enix's latest Nintendo DS title. Created as a reaction to the Pokemon phenomenon, the Dragon Quest Monsters spin-off series has not seen a new entry since the ...

Electronics show overshadowed by Apple 
AP via Yahoo! News - Jan 11 5:37 PM
As this week's International Consumer Electronics Show prepared to close here, much of the buzz on the convention floor focused on products introduced 600 miles away by Apple Inc.

Artistic storm; Newburyport Art Association unveils wintry mix in 'Blizzard of Art' show 
Eagle-Tribune Online - Jan 12 6:58 AM
The forecast may look sunny, but Newburyport's about to have a blizzard. The Newburyport Art Association is kicking off a three-part juried show titled "A Blizzard of Art" tomorrow with the first installment, "Ice."

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VR Troopers
Genre Action-Adventure-Drama
Running time 25 minutes
Creator(s) Haim Saban
Starring Brad Hawkins
Michael Japanesse Show Bacon
Sarah Brown
Gardner Japanes Show Baldwin
Julian Combs
Richard Rabago
Michael Sorich
Aaron Pruner
Kerrigan Mahan
Country of origin United States/Japan
Original channel FOX
Original run September 3, 1994–January Japanees Show 21, 1996
No. of episodes 92
IMDb profile

VR Troopers (Virtual Reality Troopers) was a syndicated Japnese Show live action show produced by Saban (creators of the similar Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series) from 1994 to Jappanese Show 1996. The show tried to cash in on Japanse Show the short-lived Virtual Reality fad Japannese Show of the 1990s as well as the success of Power Rangers.

The show featured early CGI and video effects mixed with Japanese stock Japanee Show footage from three different "Metal Heroes" series: Super Machine Man Apanese Show Metalder, Dimensional Warrior Spielban, and Space Sheriff Shaider. This Japaese Show kind of adaptation technique was originally used in anime with shows like Robotech and Voltron. This was Japamese Show the first and only time this was used Japanesee Show for a tokusatsu adaptation.

The series was deemed Japnaese Show successful; unfortunately, the Japanese footage was quickly used up. Similarly, another Saban program, Big Bad Beetleborgs, would do Jpanese Show well but ultimately end quickly due to a lack of stock footage. Both series were adapted from the Japanese Metal Hero genre, which ended in Japan around the same time.


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The series centers around a character named Ryan Steele, a young man searching for his missing father, Tyler Steele, a computer expert who (by all accounts) was taken by the Evil Grimlord and is lost somewhere in the Virtual world. Many episodes begin and end with Ryan pondering on lessons he has learned from his father. The VR Troopers' transformation was initialized with the transformation call, "Trooper Transform! We are VR!"


Main article: List of characters in VR Troopers

Other voices

  • Stephen Apostolina - Spikebot, Scissor Fist, Arachnabot
  • Michael Bacon - Transmutant
  • Gardner Baldwin - Laserbot, The Eliminator
  • Steve Cassling - Charmador
  • Julian Combs - Ghost Biker
  • James Douglas - Fanbot
  • Richard Epcar - Col. Icebot, Slashbot, Frogbot, Cannonbot, Dark Heart (2nd Voice), Chrome Dome, Graybot (when Zelton was him), Dice Swordbot (2nd Voice), Slice Swordbot (3rd voice)
  • Tom Fahn - Trooper Terminator, Dream Master
  • Eddie Frierson - Gunslinger, Rollbot
  • Joe Hackett - Woodman Monster
  • Andrea Harmon - Desponda
  • Richard Steven Horvitz - Minotaurbot (2nd voice)
  • John C. Hyke - Transformatron
  • Chuck Kovacic - Wolfbot (2nd Voice)
  • Steve Kramer - Drillbot, Terminoid, Transgressor
  • Lex Lang - "Shish-kebot" (assumed name?)
  • Wendee Lee - Red Python, Knighttime, Lizbot
  • Kerrigan Mahan - Dark Heart (1st Voice), Mutant Jeb
  • Dave Mallow - Air Stryker, Toxoid, Fistbot (2nd voice), Magician (replacement voice), Irradiator, Series Announcer
  • Michael McConnohie - Fiddlebot
  • Matt K. Miller - Combax
  • Tony Oliver - Dice Swordbot Brother (1st Voice)
  • Brad Orchard - Spiderbot, Slice Swordbot (2nd voice), Dice Swordbot (3rd voice), Bazookabot
  • Scott Page-Pagter - The Blade, Renegade, Fistbot (1st voice), Snowbot, Venobot, Bugbot, Forkoid
  • Bob Papenbrook - Spitbot (normal voice), Footbot, Vanbot, Serpentoid
  • Mike Reynolds - General Ivar, Metalbot (when Zelton was him), Blue Boar, Minotaurbot (1st Voice), Amphibidor (1st Voice)
  • Paul St. Peter - Torpedobot
  • Brianne Siddall - Cobrot, Wolfbot (1st Voice)
  • Michael Sorich - Decimator, Slice Swordbot Brother (1st Voice), Spitbot (substitute voice), Vacbot, Horrorbot, Tankatron, Zelton
  • Terrence Stone - Magician, Amphibidor (2nd voice), Photobot
  • Randy Swerdlick - Puppetoid
  • Kirk Thornton - Mechanoid
  • Ezra Weisz - Silkoid, Duplitronic
  • Tom Wyner - Fighterbot, Kongbot, Metaborg, Hammerbot, Metalbot, Crabor, Cranoid, Skullbot


The show was originally called Cybertron, but was changed to VR Troopers later for unknown reasons. The production studio kept the name Cybertron Productions for the show's lifespan, similar to how Power Rangers kept the name of its original season ("MMPR Productions") until it closed in 2002.

Jason David Frank was originally cast as the part of Ryan Steele. However, he had to withdraw; his popularity on Power Rangers forced him to return to that series. He filmed one episode back when the show was known as Cybertron. At the time, Frank's character was called Adam Steele. May 1994 issue of Disney Adventures.

Like Power Rangers, VR Troopers used a combination of American footage spliced with fight scenes from Japanese shows. The Japanese shows adapted in to VR Troopers are Space Sheriff Shaider, Dimensional Warrior Spielban, and Super Machine Metalder. All three come from Toei's Metal Heroes series. Specifically, Ryan's first season suit was that from Metalder and his second season suit was frin Space Sheriff Shaider. Both JB's and Kaitlin's suits came from Spielban.

Out of all of Saban's tokusatsu adaptations, VR Troopers uses the oldest source-footage of any series. Shaider was aired from 1984 to early 1985, making it 11 years old when first used for VR Troopers in 1995; Spielban was aired from 1986 to early 1987, making it 8 years old when originally used in 1994; and Metalder was originally aired in 1987, making it seven years old when it was adapted in 1994.

Because more than one Japanese show was used in an episode at any given time, Ryan's alter-ego was never in the same action scene as JB or Kaitlin's (since they were taken from two different shows). Due to this, every episode involved some sort of plot device that separated Ryan from the other two, forcing them to fight separately. Almost every episode ended with either Ryan or JB destroying the monster of the day (Kaitlin never got to destroy any on her own), at which point his missing comrade(s) would come running up to inquire how the fight went. The only time the group fought "together" was all original American footage.

VR Troopers as an adaptation is different in many ways than from Power Rangers and Big Bad Beetleborgs. Because it was syndicated, the monsters wwere destroyed more violently; mutant/robot destructions included the monster being split in half, impaled, and decapitated. None of the VR morphed forms were given names since none of them had one main color.

The show lasted two seasons (1994-95 and 95-96) with nearly 100 episodes before it was cancelled in favor of Big Bad Beetleborgs, which continued to use footage from the Metal Heroes shows Juukou B-Fighter and B-Fighter Kabuto.

The series was canceled was because all the fight footage was used up. All three of the metal hero shows used in the series had a lot of human vs. human battles. However, because the fights featured close-ups of Japanese actors, it was deemed unusable. Distance shots were usable in some of the fights, and battles with the monster footage were also kind of limited (splicing up to 2-3 episodes), but otherwise such footage was limited. In addition, because many episodes of fight footage from Metalder/Shaider and Spielban were being used in a single episode, the footage ran out faster.

In Season 1, the show would open with the traditional "Today on VR Troopers" teaser, showing scenes from the episode and narrated by a general announcer. After the "Quest For Power" mini-series in Season 2, however, Ryan, Kaitlin, or J.B. took over the part and narrated the teaser (and in the first-person to boot).

Various voice actors were listed under different pseudonyms in this series. For example, in the Season 1 end credits, Kerrigan Mahan was credited under his pseudonym, Ryan O'Flannigan (which was also the name credited for doing the voice of Goldar in the early seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers); in season two, he would be credited under his real name and was properly identified as Jeb's voiceover. Likewise, Richard Epcar was occasionally listed in the end credits under a pseudonym of his own, Richard George (although at times was also listed under his real name), and Mike Reynolds was credited under the name Ray Michaels.

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