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The Sweet Smell of Excess 

Los Angeles Weekly - Jan 10 12:22 PM
“Here, smell this!” Mark Bellinghaus urges in his moderate German accent, handing me a pair of black-and-white checkered pants once worn by Marilyn Monroe. I hold the fabric to my face as though it were the Shroud of Turin.
Oroshitate Musical Nerima Daikon Brothers 
Anime News Network - Jan 10 9:05 PM
The Nerima Daikon Brothers are a band consisting of easy-going host Ichiro, outgoing farmer Hide, good-times girl Mako, and a panda.

Review of the year: Our critics' choices 
Independent - Jan 03 2:50 AM

Rubbing his hands all the way to the bank 
Cambridge Evening News - Jan 02 9:33 AM
I was half-an-hour late getting to Nicogel. It was so difficult to find I almost gave up, eventually crossing a muddy yard and discovering a well-hidden door, the name of the company so small, you'd think they had something to hide.

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