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RANDY MCMULLEN: WEEKEND TOP 10: This week, dip into all arts 

Contra Costa Times - Jan 04 3:19 AM
THERE'S NO BETTER way to fight the New Year's groggies that weekend full of visceral, occasionally mindless, entertainment. I hope this advisory list helps.
Iraq government to investigate video of Saddam being taunted 
The Scotsman - Jan 02 5:05 PM
UNEASE at home and abroad about the execution of Saddam Hussein yesterday forced the Iraqi government to order an investigation into unauthorised filming of the former dictator being taunted and abused in the minutes before his hanging.

Spider-Man 3 First Look Appearing in Theaters? 
Comics2Film - Jan 01 6:55 AM
Random fan says: "At the movies last night and they had the "AMC: FIRST LOOK" before the film. I was actually expecting to see the one for 'Ghost Rider' but instead came on one for 'Spider-Man 3'"...

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Swampert - Poochyena (#261) - Japanesse Pics Mightyena

Swampert - Poochyena (#10) - Mightyena
Japanese name ポチエナ Pochiena
Stage Basic
Evolves from None
Evolves into Mightyena
Generation Third
Species Bite Pokémon
Type Dark
Height 1 ft Japanees Pics 8 in (0.5 m)
Weight 30.0 lb Japnese Pics (13.0 kg)
Ability Run Away/Quick Feet(the latter from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl onwards)

Poochyena (ポチエナ Pochiena ?) is one of the 493 fictional species Japannese Pics of Pokémon from the Pokémon Franchise - a series of video games, anime, manga, books, trading cards Japanee Pics and other media created by Satoshi Tajiri. It is Pokémon number 261 in the National Pokédex and Apanese Pics number 10 in the Hoenn Pokédex.

Poochyena look like Japaese Pics grey wolves or dogs, and are of Dark type. They belong to the Japamese Pics Pokémon species Bite Pokémon.

Since Poochyena resembles a small dog, the first part of its name comes from pooch. It Japanesee Pics is Japnaese Pics quite hyena-like, so the name combines with hyena. Yena is also another name for the crocotta, a mythical creature thought to be Jpanese Pics based on an exaggerated description of a hyena. Its Japanese name is a reference to ポチ Pochi, a generic name for a dog, similar to the English Spot or Fido.


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At first sight, Poochyena takes a bite at anything that moves. This Pokémon chases after prey until the victim becomes exhausted. However, it may turn tail if the prey strikes back.

Poochyena is an omnivore; it will eat anything. A distinguishing feature is how large its fangs are compared to its body. This Pokémon tries to intimidate its foes by making the hair on its tail bristle out.

In the video games

Poochyena are found in Hoenn region, where it was first introduced in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, and also appeared in Pokémon Emerald. They are quite common in the early parts of the game (routes 101,102 and 103), where they appear in large numbers. Their most notable role in Ruby and Sapphire, is where one chases Professor Birch. You need to use a Treecko, Torchic, or Mudkip to defeat that Poochyena, making it your very first battle in those games. Poochyena are also commonly used by Team Aqua and Team Magma grunts. In Pokémon XD, a female body builder at Gateon Port had one to snag early in the game. In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team, Poochyena can be found in Thunderwave Cave B1F-B3F, Howling Forest 1F-8F, Purity Forest 5F-8F, Dark Maze B1F-B3F and Joyous Tower 8F-10F.

Poochyena is a Dark-type Pokémon that has one evolution to Mightyena at level 18.

According to pre-release Japanese pics of Ruby & Sapphire, Poochyena was originally white.

In the anime

Poochyena with a Shroomish in Episode 287, "A Bite To Remember".

Poochyena appears in the episode A Bite To Remember. Max finds a Poochyena that hasn't evolved even though its brothers, which were born at the same time as it was, had already evolved. Max trains Poochyena, and they run into Team Rocket, who are trying to steal wild Pokémon. Poochyena was trapped in the net with other Pokémon, and Max encourages it to use its Bite attack. When Team Rocket blasted off, as usual, Poochyena evolved into Mightyena. Poochyena evolves at level 18.


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