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Galford D. Weller
Game Japanesse Chicks series Samurai Shodown series`
First game Samurai Shodown
In-Universe Information
Birthplace San Francisco,Alta Japanes Chicks California,Mexico (in that age)
Blood type O
Fighting style The Koga Japanees Chicks Ninja Arts & Ninja Arts of Galford
Weapon Justice Blade
Likes Justice
Dislikes Evil
Preferred soulmate/family Yamato nadeshiko ("traditional Japanese chicks")

Galford D. Weller (ガルフォード) is one of the characters in the Jappanese Chicks popular arcade game Samurai Shodown.


After the death of his Japanse Chicks father, Galford left his four Japannese Chicks older sisters and ran away from home to become a sailor, where he learned about the ninja Japanee Chicks of Japan, and decided to learn from them. He trained in the Iga style under Ayame, the same Apanese Chicks master as Earthquake, and received a scarf from her. Throughout Japaese Chicks the series Galford seeks to uphold justice as he travels Japamese Chicks the lands.

In Samurai Shodown 5, Galford tells Poppy that he Japanesee Chicks has just heard that Gaoh, the lord of Hinowa, is plotting to take over Japan. Convinced Japnaese Chicks that this will destroy Japan, Galford and Poppy embark on their journey to defeat Gaoh and save the nation.

Upon reaching Jpanese Chicks Hinowa, Galford seeks out and challenges Gaoh to a fight to the death, the latter agreeing to the duel.

After defeating Gaoh, Galford tells Poppy that they should celebrate saving Japan by having a party. Galford then notices that Poppy's puppy is missing. Going back to the battlefield, they find Poppy's puppy stuck in an evil force field. Galford jumps in and throws him out, but becomes stuck in the force field himself. Unable to break free, he tells Poppy to never say good-bye and to always fight for justice. The force field then carries Galford up into the night sky and disappears.


  • He is in love with Nakoruru. Though this is more a onesided crush from Galford's side than a real relationship or anything else, Nakororu does care for him and respects his feelings deeply, to the point of apologizing and pleading him to move on without her when she dies in Samurai Shodown II.
  • His eternal companion is his pet dog Poppy, and they are accompanied by Poppy's puppies, Papa, Pipi, and Pipa.
  • Galford can communicate with some types of animals.
  • In real life, Galford and Earthquake would actually be Mexican citizens, due to the fact that the states in which they were born were still part of Mexico until 1836.
  • Considered to be the "Surf Ninja" of SS.
  • Poppy is a playable character in both Samurai Shodown V and Samurai Shodown VI.
  • In Galford's Bust form, Galford does not rely on Poppy for his moves and instead uses moves more similar to Hanzo Hattori
  • In the Japanese version of the SS games, Galford's pre-game and winning quotes have him mixing English with his Japanese, e.g (from SS1): "Pierce to sting", (from SSII): "And all I really want is peace!", and "There's a heaven above you, Baby!"

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