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Aura benefits from its European heritage 

San Jose Mercury News - Jan 12 3:08 AM
The new Saturn Aura sedan doesn't blow you away like the Chrysler 300C did when it arrived in 2004. That car was bad to the bone, something like Al Capone's getaway car with gangsta rap blaring out the windows.
Top 50 Albums of 2006 
Pitchfork - Jan 12 10:58 AM
Like a malcontent Santa Claus, Scott Walker's gift to the music world this year was a sack of coal-black art songs, dumped centerstage and set on fire.

Hot... and not: Everything you should have listened to last year 
The Davis Enterprise - 23 minutes ago
Published Jan 05, 2007 - 13:17:12 CST. Another year ends, and all the music geeks are giddily compiling “best of” lists. With so many publications, whom do you trust?

Capsule reviews from recently reviewed movies 
Creative Loafing Tampa - Jan 12 8:11 AM
Arthur and the Invisibles, Notes on a Scandal ...

- Japanes Rap

Here is an article on Japanese Rap.

Japanese hip hop (nip hop or j-hip hop) is said to have begun in 1983 when Charlie Ahearn's Wild Style was Japanesse Rap shown in Tokyo. The movie focused Japanes Rap on graffiti artists but also featured some early old school MCs like Busy Bee and Double Trouble, DJs like Grandmaster Flash and breakdancers Japanees Rap like the Rock Steady Crew.

Following the showing, street musicians began Japnese Rap to breakdance in Yoyogi Park. Jappanese Rap Crazy A soon emerged as a prominent b-boy, and Japanse Rap he eventually founded the Rock Steady Crew Japan, while DJ Krush has Japannese Rap become a world-renowned DJ after arising from the Yoyogi Park scene. More DJs followed, beginning in 1985. A year later, an all hip Japanee Rap hop club opened in Shibuya. Apanese Rap There was some hesitation at the time that the Japanese language may Japaese Rap be unsuitable for rapping, due to the lack of stress Japamese Rap accents, which hampered flow, and limited number of verb endings, which made it difficult to form interesting rhymes. [1] A few rappers emerged, however, Japnaese Rap including Ito Seiko, Chikado Haruo, Tinnie Punx and Jpanese Rap Takagi Kan.

In the 1990s, teen-oriented J rap music appeared, and hip hop entered the Japanese mainstream. The first hit was Scha Dara Parr's "Kon'ya wa Boogie Back". The following year saw "Da.Yo.Ne." and "Maicca" by East End X Yuri go platinum.


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