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Bottle Fairy 

Anime News Network - Dec 29 7:35 PM
Transported by small magical bottles, Kururu, Chiriri, Sarara and Hororo are four fairies who have come this world to learn about human life. Although they live in a house with the aptly named Sensei-san, the world is theirs to explore each day once he leaves for school.
Mahoromatic - Automatic Maiden 
Anime News Network - Dec 29 2:50 AM
Wrapping up at episode twelve, the third volume of Mahoromatic concludes the first season of Gainax's popular series.

Opinion by Bonnie Henry : Favorite stories of '06 
Arizona Daily Star - Dec 27 11:23 PM
Ayodeler, a civil rights pioneer and a guy covered in tattoos.

Miami Guns 
Anime News Network - Dec 27 10:35 PM
Welcome to Miami, a patchwork American city that isn't to be confused with the real one in Florida. Whenever crime strikes in this town, the Miami Police Force calls on the crack team of Yao and Lu, two policewomen who are feared for their tendency to destroy everything they touch.

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