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- Japanes Techno

Here is an article on Japanese Techno.

JTEK® is a Registered Trademark under JTEK Machinery, Inc Stafford, Texas

Sources: http://tarr.uspto.gov/servlet/tarr?regser=serial&entry=76242717

Jtek (also Japanees Techno spelled 'J-Tec') or Japanese Techno is an electronic music genre, Japnese Techno and also a subgenre of Techno. Technically it's close to the European techno styles, but Jtek uses more "goofy" Jappanese Techno samples.


In the mid-90's Acid techno productions Japanse Techno crossed the ocean and started being Japannese Techno played in Tokyo and Osaka's clubs. Here the first japanese producers as Ken Ishii and Takkyu Ishino melted the groovy beat Japanee Techno of Techno with the high-pitched sound of Apanese Techno Eurobeat synths, thus creating a brand new wave Japaese Techno of Techno.


Jtek shares a groovy bass line and beats with European Techno, while Japamese Techno being recognizable from the heavy use of trance-like synths and arpeggios. Artists such as Japanesee Techno Denki Groove, Ken Ishii and Dr. Shingo have Japnaese Techno an unique way of building unpredictable patterns of pads and lead sounds, keeping faithful Jpanese Techno to the purest Japanese Techno sound, while several new Jtek producers as Akira Ishihara or Toshiyasu Kagami prefer to focus on a more percussive style, getting closer to Detroit Techno.

Jtek artists:

  • Ken Ishii
  • Fumiya Tanaka
  • Takkyu Ishino
  • Denki Groove
  • Takaaki Itoh
  • Toshiyasu Kagami
  • Dr. Shingo (aka 'Shingo Shibamoto')
  • Takkyu Ishino
  • Akira Ishihara


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