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Japanese Software Market Up 125% In 2006 

Gamasutra - Jan 12 6:15 AM
Enterbrain, the Japanese publisher behind leading magazine Famitsu, has revealed new data which shows the Japanese games market experienced a significant expansion in 2006, following several years of decline. Software sales for the last twelve months rose by 125 percent to ¥363.89 billion ($3.02bn), with hardware sales up 160 percent to ¥ 261.9 billion ($2.17bn). Despite suffering from ...
Baz Luhrmann Loves Sydney 
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You can take the boy from Oz, but you can never take Oz from the boy. Baz Luhrmann, the director of Strictly Ballroom, Romeo + Juliet , and Moulin Rouge (AKA The Red Curtain trilogy), waxes philosophically about his beloved Sydney, Australia in the CNN series "The Scene" . Essentially a series of glorified travel advertisements, every week "The Scene" features a different famous ...

Short Takes 
New York Daily News - Jan 12 1:27 AM
ABDUCTION: THE MEGUMI YOKOTA STORY Documentary about a Japanese girl kidnapped by North Korean spies. At Cinema Village (1:25). Not rated. In Japanese with subtitles.

Interview with Keo Woolford 
Asia Source - 2 hours, 58 minutes ago
Your performance, I Land, is a mix of traditional Hawai'ian hula dance and chant, combined with hip hop, spoken word and even boy band hop music, based on the Hawai'ian tradition of talk story.

- Japanes Boy

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Japanese Boy album cover

Aneka (born Mary Sandeman) is a Scottish singer, Japanesse Boy who hit number one in the UK singles chart in August 1981 with her one hit Japanes Boy wonder song, "Japanese Boy".


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  • 3 Germany Japnese Boy Singles
  • 4 Swiss Singles
  • 5 Sweden Jappanese Boy Singles
  • 6 Songs performed by Aneka
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The song Japannese Boy only lasted a week Japanee Boy at the top spot, but stayed in the chart for 12 weeks. This success was nearly mirrored by Apanese Boy the song "Ooh Shooby Doo Japaese Boy Doo Lang", that had certain references to the song "Japanese Boy" in it.

Aneka's other songs include "Little Lady", "Put Out The Light" and Japamese Boy Japanesee Boy "Heart to Beat". Aneka has had a modest revival since "Japanese Boy" was featured in the Japnaese Boy videogame Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on Flash FM.

Under her Jpanese Boy own name, Mary Sandeman has achieved some success as a traditional Scottish folk singer/instrumentalist. Nevertheless, her moment of glory earned her alter-ego the unwanted label of a one-hit wonder.

UK Singles

  • (August 2, 1981) "Japanese Boy", Chart Run: 60-19-4-1-2-3-6-13-21-34-49-62->12 wks, #1 peak
  • (November 1, 1981) "Little Lady", Chart Run: 64-50-59-70->4 wks, #50 peak

Germany Singles

  • (September 24, 1981) "Japanese Boy", #3 Peak
  • (December 31, 1981) "Little Lady", #10 Peak
  • (June 03, 1982) "Oh Shooby Doo Doo Lang", #18 Peak

Swiss Singles

  • (November 01, 1981) "Japanese Boy", #4 Peak
  • (February 01, 1982) "Little Lady", #7 Peak
  • (May 15, 1982) "Oh Shooby Doo Doo Lang", #8 Peak

Sweden Singles

  • (September 25, 1981) "Japanese Boy", #1 Peak
  • (January 12, 1982) "Little Lady", #14 Peak

Songs performed by Aneka

  • "Japanese Boy" (1981) (UK #1) (Canada #43) (US Dance #15)
  • "Ae Fond Kiss" (1981)
  • "Little Lady" (1981)
  • "Tuwhit Tuwhoo"
  • "Put Out The Light"
  • "Come Back To Me"
  • "Ahriman"
  • "It'll Be Alright"
  • "Be My Only Karma"
  • "I Was Free"
  • "Alister McColl"
  • "Ooh shooby doo doo lang" (1982)
  • "Could It Last A Little Longer" (1982)
  • "Heart To Beat"
  • "Starshine"
  • "Rose, Rose I Love You"


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Preceded by
"Green Door" by Shakin' Stevens
UK number one single
August 23, 1981
Succeeded by
"Tainted Love" by Soft Cell

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