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The Elegant Strings of Japan 

The Epoch Times - Jan 12 9:10 AM
Although probably the most Westernised country in Asia, Japan is also a staunch guardian of tradition. The Japanese koto, often called a "horizontal harp", has survived virtually unchanged througho...
Surface Appeal 
The Nation via Yahoo! News - Jan 11 10:17 AM
The Nation -- "When philosophy paints its grey in grey," Hegel wrote in his Philosophy of Right, "then has a shape of life grown old.

Kajimoto elected to Hall of Fame 
Daily Yomiuri Online - Jan 12 10:36 AM
Left-hander Takao Kajimoto, part of the Hankyu Braves' 1-2 pitching punch from the mid 1950s through the 1960s, was elected to the Japan Hall of Fame on Friday.

‘Fight Night Round 3’ a knockout for PS3 Video-game reviews 
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette - Jan 12 2:56 AM
The frenzy that surrounded November’s launch of the PlayStation 3 – the ridiculous lines, the sporadic violence, the online price gouging – looks even crazier in retrospect.

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Here is an article on Japanese Dragons.

A Japanese dragon, also known as ryū or tatsu (竜 or 龍, "dragon") is a legendary creature from Japan. Like other creatures Japanesse Dragons refered to as dragons, the ryū is a large, fantastic, serpent-like being, Japanes Dragons and is closely related to the Chinese lóng and the Korean yong. Like these it is usually Japanees Dragons depicted as a wingless, heavily-scaled snake-like creature Japnese Dragons with small clawed legs and a horned or antlered mammalian head, and is associated with large bodies of water, clouds or the Jappanese Dragons heavens. The ryū in art can generally Japanse Dragons be distinguished from other East-Asian dragons Japannese Dragons in that it has only three toes, rather than the lóng's five or the yong's four.

One of the first dragon-like creatures in Japanee Dragons Japanese myth is the Yamata-no-Orochi, an enormous girl-devouring serpent with eight heads and eight tails which was Apanese Dragons Japaese Dragons slain by Susanoo.

Dragons in later Japanese folklore were often much more benign, perhaps because of a heavy influence Japamese Dragons from China. They appear in famous tales such as My Lord Bag of Rice, in which Japanesee Dragons a hero must kill a giant centipede which is devouring the Japnaese Dragons children of the dragon king of Lake Biwa. In Urashima Tarō, the title character rescues a turtle which turns out Jpanese Dragons to be the daughter of Ryūjin, the dragon king of the ocean.

In popular culture

Modern Japanese popular culture often refers to dragons, ascribing to them magical powers such as healing, flying, or assuming a human form at will. Examples include:

  • In anime Dragon Ball, the initial plot is about magical balls which can grant wishes, given to mankind by the dragon Shenlong (It is notale however that Shenlong is closer in design to 5 clawed Chinese dragons than 4 clawed Japanese ones).
  • In the Pokémon series, dragons (Such as Dragonair, Rayquaza, and Salamence) are a powerful Pokémon type.
  • In Spirited Away, one character, Haku, is revealed to be the white dragon spirit of a river.
  • In the famous console RPG series Dragon Quest(1-8), there are many dragons throughout the game, designs vary from European dragons to Asian dragons.
  • The Breath of Fire console RPG series all have a dragon as the main character.
  • In the trading card game Magic: The Gathering, the Legendary Dragon Spirit known as Kokusho exists as part of a powerful race of dragons found on the plane Kamigawa.
  • In Inuyasha, one particularly powerful demon/youkai, Ryuukotsusei, was a dragon.
  • In the tokusatsu series Super Sentai there appear several dragon-themed rangers and mecha, such as the Dragon Ranger and his mecha, Dragon Caesar, in Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger.
  • In Godzilla the movie, Godzilla is a flightless dragon that can breathe fire.

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