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The Secret Island 

La Prensa San Diego - 1 hour, 33 minutes ago
Bee writes a school essay about her immigrant parents. Does that have anything to do with why her papa was stopped in his cab and arrested? Now everything is inside out and upside down and Ma always says things opposite to the way Papa used to say them.
Bruno's quick bites 
Chicago Sun-Times - Jan 11 10:29 PM
Recently reviewed restaurants by dining critic Pat Bruno. Kiki's Bistro, 900 N. Franklin; (312) 335-5454. Still as charming and consistently good as ever after 16 years. I would guess Kiki's has more repeat business than any other restaurant in the city.

Area restaurants 
The Herald-Tribune - Jan 12 8:09 AM
The dining guide consists of restaurants reviewed by the Herald-Tribune.

Malaya - Jan 11 5:54 AM
t is a great pity that reading, whether fiction or non-fiction, is not considered a priority in children’s education here.

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