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Brand It Like Beckham 

Time Magazine - Jan 12 7:07 AM
Here's a tale for our times.
Monkey magic: The future of fashion 
Independent - Jan 11 6:39 AM
For the global launch of what Fendi hopes will be the cult bag of 2007, the company decided to try out a new marketing approach. It chose Tokyo as the location and, instead of simply recreating its European ready-to-wear catwalk show in Japan as a way to create local buzz - as Chanel and Louis Vuitton have done in recent seasons - Fendi threw a hip-hop party. The event, staged in a purpose-built ...

Bike 101: Choosing your ride 
Los Angeles Times - Jan 11 3:05 AM
Don't be intimidated. These four motorcycles are geared for beginners. LIKE most seasoned riders, I try not to think about it because it's just too embarrassing. I'm talking about those first clutch-popping, bike-stalling days on two wheels.

Full Metal Panic! 
Anime News Network - Jan 11 1:49 AM
It's tough being the most popular girl in school. Of course, Kaname Chidori doesn't know how good she had it until Sousuke Sagara shows up and turns her life upside-down. The thing is, she doesn't know that Sousuke belongs to a secret anti-terrorist organization that has sworn to protect her.

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Sally Larsen is a multimedia artist and photographer. She was born in San Francisco in 1954 of mixed Apache Japanesse T-shirt / Aleut descent.

Native American artist with a growing voice in the mainstream art world.
Exhibits photographs, Japanes T-shirt videos and paintings regularly in San Japanees T-shirt Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Honolulu, and Chicago.


  • 1 Early 1980s
  • 2 Since Japnese T-shirt the mid 1980s
  • 3 Projected videos
  • 4 Publishing
  • 5 Recent Jappanese T-shirt work

Early Japannese T-shirt 1980s

Starts exhibiting orotone Japanee T-shirt photographs (gold-leafed gelatin silver prints on glass).

Several of these modernized Nineteenth century technique Apanese T-shirt photographs are to be found in Photography's Antiquarian Avant Garde, the new wave in old Japaese T-shirt processes (Abrams 2002).

Since the mid 1980s

Mid 1980s begins experimenting with digital imaging and Japamese T-shirt creates the ground-reaking Transformer series of Japanesee T-shirt Iris Ink jet prints in 1989. This early work is discussed in Mastering Digital Imaging by Harald Johnson Japnaese T-shirt (2002)

She was the youngest artist to ever be included Jpanese T-shirt in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection when Transformer 1989 was added to their permanent collection.

Projected videos

Installed in San Francisco (Yerba Buena Center Surf Trip); Oakland (Oakland Museum Millennium Time Capsule); Los Angeles (Bergemot Station Surf Trip); and Seattle (Sacred Circle Big Bang).


Japlish (Pomegranate 1993) her photographic monograph on Japanese T-shirt culture sold widely and is found in many photography book collections.

-ine poems & In the Manner of Animals (Solo Zone 2000) features The Little Fighting Man Hsin I series of orotone photographs.

Recent work

Large-scale, Jizo Series C- prints melds photographic oeuvre with expressive hi-color paintings. Her point of view continues to be informed by Native American issues, asian martial arts and an intense invlovement with surfing.

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