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Getting a head start 

Pasadena Star-News - Jan 10 12:19 AM
WEST COVINA - In the sunny classroom filled with children's art on the walls, Ofelia Medina's second-grade students were eager to show off their Chinese language skills.
Franklin Electronic Publishers Launches Innovative Handheld Global Translator at CES 2007 
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Language Speaking Translator Includes Chinese, Korean and Japanese!

Franklin Electronic Publishers to Showcase a New Series of Innovative Learning Products at CES 2007 
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Franklin Electronic Publishers , a world leader in handheld electronic information, will showcase a new line of education and language learning products alongside several other new releases being featured today at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show, booth 36232, in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Mobile phones with ABC keys emerge 
The Inquirer - Jan 07 11:32 PM
ONE OF THE BIGGEST problems mobile phones face today is getting info into them.

- Japanes Alphabet

Here is an article on Japanese Alphabet.

The Japanese phonetic alphabet (和文通話表, literally japenese alphabet "Japanese character telecommunication chart") is a radiotelephony spelling alphabet, similar in purpose to the NATO japanesse alphabet phonetic alphabet, but designed to communicate Japanese kana rather than Latin letters. japanese alphebet The alphabet was sponsored by the now-defunct Ministry for Posts and japanesealphabet Telecommunications.

Each kana is assigned a code word, so that critical combinations of japanese alphbet kana (and numbers) can be pronounced and clearly understood japaese alphabet by those who transmit and receive voice messages by radio or telephone, especially when the safety Japanes Alphabet of navigation or persons is essential.

There are specific names for kana, numerals, and special characters (i.e. vowel extender, comma, quotation Japanees Alphabet mark, and parentheses).


Every kana Japnese Alphabet name takes the form of a X の Jappanese Alphabet Y, for example りんごのリ, meaning "ri of ringo". Voiced kana do not have special names of their Japanse Alphabet own. Instead, one simply states the unvoiced form, followed by "dakuten". /P/ sounds are formed the same way, using Japannese Alphabet the handakuten. Thus, to convey "ba", one would say Japanee Alphabet "はがきのハ 濁点". To convey "pa", one would say "はがきのハ 半濁点".

Kana Spelling Kana Spelling Kana Spelling Kana Spelling Kana Spelling
あ/ア 朝日のア
Asahi no "a"
い/イ いろはのイ
Iroha no "i"
う/ウ 上野のウ
Ueno no "u"
え/エ 英語のエ
Eigo no Japanesee Alphabet "e"
お/オ 大阪のオ
Ōsaka no "o"
か/カ 為替のカ
Kawase no "ka"
き/キ 切手のキ
Kitte no "ki"
く/ク クラブのク
Kurabu no "ku"
け/ケ 景色のケ
Keshiki no Jpanese Alphabet "ke"
こ/コ 子供のコ
Kodomo no "ko"
さ/サ のサ
Sakura no japanese alphabet "sa"
し/シ 新聞のシ
Shimbun no "shi"
す/ス すずめのス
Suzume no "su"
せ/セ 世界のセ
Sekai no "se"
そ/ソ そろばんのソ
Soroban no english to japanese alphabet "so"
た/タ 煙草のタ
Tabako no "ta"
ち/チ ちどりのチ
Chidori no "chi"
つ/ツ つるかめのツ
Tsurukame no "tsu"
て/テ 手紙のテ
Tegami no "te"
と/ト 東京のト
Tōkyō no japanese alphabet chart "to"
な/ナ 名古屋のナ
Nagoya no "na"
に/ニ 日本のニ
Nihon no "ni"
ぬ/ヌ 沼津のヌ
Numazu no "nu"
ね/ネ ねずみのネ
Nezumi no "ne"
の/ノ 野原のノ
Nohara no "no"
は/ハ はがきのハ
Hagaki no japanese alphabet letters "ha"
ひ/ヒ 飛行機のヒ
Hikōki no "hi"
ふ/フ 富士山のフ
Fujisan no "fu"
へ/ヘ 平和のヘ
Heiwa no "he"
ほ/ホ 保険のホ
Hoken no "ho"
ま/マ マッチのマ
Matchi no show me the japanese alphabet "ma"
み/ミ 三笠のミ
Mikasa no "mi"
む/ム 無線のム
Musen no japanese calligraphy alphabet "mu"
め/メ 明治のメ
Meiji no "me"
も/モ もみじのモ
Momiji no "mo"
や/ヤ 大和のヤ
Yamato no "ya"
ゆ/ユ 弓矢のユ
Yumiya no alphabet character japanese "yu"
よ/ヨ 吉野のヨ
Yoshino no japanese alphabet list "yo"
ら/ラ ラジオのラ
Rajio no "ra"
り/リ りんごのリ
Ringo no "ri"
る/ル るすいのル
Rusui no "ru"
れ/レ れんげのレ
Renge no "re"
ろ/ロ ローマのロ
Rōma no "ro"
わ/ワ わらびのワ
Warabi no "wa"
ゐ/ヰ ゐどのヰ
(W)ido no japanese sign language alphabet "(w)i"
ゑ/ヱ かぎのあるヱ
Kagi no aru "(w)e"
を/ヲ 尾張のヲ
(W)owari no "(w)o"
ん/ン おしまいのン
oshimai no list of the japanese alphabet and phrases "n"


To spell translate japanese alphabet out numerals, one simply uses "数字の..." (suuji no...), japanese alphabet hirogana katakana and then states the name of the number. This is analogous to the English language practice japanese alphabets of saying "the number nine" or "the number five", etc.

When a japanese characters alphabet number can be named in multiple ways, one uses the most distinctive name. For example, 1 is spelled as "hito", tradional japanese alphabet since its book of japanese alphabet more common reading "ichi" could be confused with "shichi", a reading of 7. 7, in turn, is spelled out as how to say the alphabet in japanese "nana", never "shichi", lest it be confused with 1 or japanese alphabet coloring pages 4 ("shi"). 4, in turn, is always spelled out "yon".

Notably, 0 is not read as zero or rei, but as maru ("circle").

Kanji Spelling Kanji Spelling Kanji Spelling Kanji Spelling Kanji Spelling
(1) 数字のひと
Suuji no japanese alphabet into english japanese alphabet lettering hito
(2) 数字のに
Suuji no japanese alphabet song ni
(3) 数字のさん
Suuji no san
(4) 数字のよん
Suuji no yon
(5) 数字のご
Suuji no go
(6) 数字のろく
Suuji no japanese alphabet symbols roku
(7) 数字のなな
Suuji no nana
(8) 数字のはち
Suuji no hachi
(9) 数字のきゅう
Suuji no kyuu
(0) 数字のまる
Suuji no maru

Special japanese letters in the alphabet japanese writing alphabet symbols

Symbol Spelling Symbol Spelling Symbol Spelling Symbol Spelling Symbol Spelling
区切り点 段落 下向括弧 上向括弧
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