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Japanese Chick
Should we still be in Iraq? 

Ridgecrest Daily Independent - Jan 12 9:06 AM
With everything that's been going on in our country, should we still be trying to save Iraq or should we be concentrating on saving our selves?

Japanese Currency
Japanese Stocks Rise On Weaker Currency, Led By Exporters 
Nasdaq - Jan 11 7:21 PM
(RTTNews) - Friday, Japanese stock markets were trading in positive territory, following the weakening of the local currency against the US dollar and lower prices of crude oil in the International markets.

Japanese Temples
Turning Japanese 
Escape.com.au - Jan 11 5:57 PM
BARRY Dick bypasses the big smoke on a whirlwind trip to Japan, where 128 million people live with what seems like a vending machine each.

Japanese Yen
Falling yen lifts Japanese shares 
BBC News - Jan 12 4:29 AM
The Japanese yen hits its lowest point against the dollar in more than year, prompting stocks in Tokyo to rise.

Japanese Gifts
Christmas gifts 
Sun Star - Jan 11 9:58 AM
WHAT were your gifts last Christmas? What did your spouse, your children give you? What presents did your friends give you? The presents that you get show a lot about you.

Japanese Hairstyles
DVD Stalk: Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Sheitan, and MoH: Haeckel's Tale 
DVD Talk - Jan 11 7:50 AM
We kick off this week's batch of horror DVD reviews with Ian Jane's take on the Unrated New Line Platinum Edition of Jonathon Liebesman's prequel The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and, unfortunately, he's not exactly thrilled with the film.

Japanese Makeup
A king-size production 
The News-Press - Jan 11 10:16 PM
More than 200 puppets, 400 costumes and 143 cast members, crew and musicians make "The Lion King" one of the biggest spectacles in Broadway history.

Japanese Prints
Tacoma Art Museum acquires 100 new pieces 
Tacoma News Tribune - Jan 11 1:58 AM
Fifty-two 19th-century Japanese woodblock prints, Akio Takamori's "Self-Portrait Drawing," and works by Northwest artists were among more than 100 recent acquisitions by the permanent collection of the Tacoma Art Museum, the museum announced last week.

Japanese Videos
The Gurus of YouTube 
Time Magazine - Jan 12 12:21 AM
Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and hundreds of the videos that helped turn YouTube into a sensation. Let's say you're in your 20s and you start your first Internet company. Let's say 21 months later you sell it for $1.65 billion. What happens next?

Japanese Weddings
A look at the big trends for 2007 weddings 
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Jan 07 9:05 PM
Gazing ahead into 2007, The Knot (www.theknot.com), a website and magazine devoted to everything nuptial, released its projections on what engaged couples will be including in some of their wedding plans this year.

Japanese Dolls
In Japan, barely a ripple 
Los Angeles Times - Jan 11 2:46 AM
Apple's much-anticipated iPhone is 'business as usual' in a country where mobile features already are so advanced. TOKYO — Tomoaki Kurita presides over racks of cellphones lined up outside his shop on a busy sidewalk in Harajuku, Tokyo's catwalk of youth street culture where people attracted by the riot of phone options can stop to flip open and fondle the latest models of what the Japanese ...

Japanese Fonts
Pdf+ (for S60 3rd edition Smartphones) 
All About Symbian - Jan 11 10:11 PM
Read PDF Documents on your S60 3rd edition Eseries Business phone and your Nseries Multimedia Computer. Pdf+ (for S6 3rd edition Smartphones) is a viewer for Portable Document Format (PDF) documents for the S60 3rd edition ESeries Business Phones and Nseries Multimedia Computers.

Japanese Antiques
Italy to ask Japan for return of 'looted' antiques 
Guardian Unlimited - Jan 11 6:17 AM
International effort gathers pace with reports Italy is seeking return of Roman works from Japanese museum.

Japanese Beds
The grounds of the Memorial building have a new look 
Cocke County Online - Jan 11 5:08 PM
The grounds of the Memorial building have a new look thanks to Willie Strange and his business, Strange Tree Cutting. In recent days, Strange and his crew trimmed trees, manicured the grounds, and set up flower beds for winter pansies and Japanese hollies.

Japanese Karate
Successful karate students 
The Comet - Jan 11 2:35 AM
Stevenage Karate Club had a busy December with grading under the tuition of Sensei Ohta, chief instructor of Japanese Karate Association England, sixth Dan.

Japanese Loli
Petite Cossette 
Anime News Network - Jan 11 7:34 PM
Cossette, a pretty young blond girl, was murdered in 18th century France by Marcelo, a painter who had fallen in love with her while producing numerous portraits of her.

Japanese Proverbs
The Secret of Success 
Time Magazine - Jan 08 9:33 AM
A DVD that puts a new-age spin on the power of positive thinking is drawing a growing band of enthusiasts

Japanese Mistress
Actresses: In praise of older women 
Independent - Jan 11 4:29 PM
On 23 January, the 2007 Oscar nominations will be announced. And already the category generating the greatest excitement is Best Actress. Will it be a bare-knuckle fight between Dames Helen Mirren (The Queen) and Judi Dench (Notes on a Scandal)? Or will Annette Bening, playing a bipolar mother in Running with Scissors be the surprise winner? And don't forget Meryl Streep as the supremely bitchy ...

Japanese Legs
GE Spins Samurai Fable with Three Legged Legs 
adrants - Jan 09 3:01 PM
For client General Electric, BBDO New York creates Samurai, fable about a Japanese fluff-ball on whose shoulders is set an Algieresque task to save the world from an evil emperor. With animation by Three Legged Legs, Samurai is part...

Japanese Map
US nuclear sub collides with Japanese oil tanker 
TODAYonline - Jan 09 3:20 AM
Map locating the Strait of Hormuz where a US Navy nuclear-powered submarine collided with a Japanese oil tanker. No injuries were immediately reported.

Japanese Zodiac
Reel Life Adventure: Hollywood to stir up some laughs and thrills in the coming months 
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Jan 10 9:15 PM
It's the good news-bad news side of Pittsburgh as a movie destination. It may be 2007 but some of the top movies of 2006, such as "Last King of Scotland," "Volver" and "Venus" to name just a few, will finally land in theaters.

Japanese Fish
Celebrate this  
Indian Express via Yahoo! India News - 2 hours, 53 minutes ago
Starting January 14, the 2007 Mumbai Festival hits the city. Make way for the food showcases, shopping, sports, craft, theatre and children's festivals. Old favourites like the auto rickshaw race, gully cricket, the fish trawler race return. Not to miss are performances by Australian and Japanese cultural groups, this year's guest countries. Among the rest, here's our pick Watch ...

Japanese Fabric
Japanese luggage company acquires Zero Halliburton 
Deseret Morning News - Jan 10 11:49 PM
Zero Corp., based in North Salt Lake, on Wednesday said it has sold its Zero Halliburton consumer division to ACE Co. Ltd., a Japanese luggage maker.

Japanese Imperialism
Negotiating Asian Businesswomen 
AsianWeek.com - Jan 12 9:08 AM
DESCRIPTION: Covers techniques to win-win negotiating, from preparing for and conducting a negotiation to maximizing value for both parties’ long-term business success.

Japanese Instruments
Japanese Regulator Praises Securities Firms 
Compliance Reporter - Jan 11 4:15 PM
Japan's Financial Services Agency has praised securities firms for the efforts they have made to improve customer satisfaction, according to the regulator's latest newsletter.

Japanese Iris
Japanese embrace 'Letters' 
Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune - Jan 11 12:10 PM
Hollywood's recent attempts to tell stories set in Japan have produced some odd Asian-fusion fare. "The Last Samurai" from 2003 gave us Tom Cruise as an American Civil War veteran who mastered traditional warrior skills in a matter of months and delivered an inspiring lecture to Emperor Meiji on being Japanese. More recently, "Memoirs of a Geisha" cast three of China's top actresses in lead ...

Japanese Traditions
Food for New Life 
RedNova - Jan 12 4:21 AM
My coworkers Judy and Edi _ both natives of Japan _ shared "Osechi Ryori" (Japanese New Year foods) with us last week. New Year is Japan's biggest holiday, they tell me. And the traditions by which these foods are prepared and served are several hundreds of years old.

Japanese Gods
Asian style and taste 
Calendarlive.com - Jan 12 11:34 AM
Artists explore the many facets of food in "Banquet." Food is our daily bread — or rice, as the case may be. It is also tradition, community and culture.

Japanese Homes
Ma’s Bill Would List Closed Winter Roads 
AsianWeek.com - Jan 12 9:08 AM
DESCRIPTION: Multimedia exhibition documenting the experiences of 15 local Japanese American internees and their impact on the next generation. Companion exhibit features camp newspapers and historical art and photographs.

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Here is an article on Japanese Chick.

Japanese Chick
Gogo Yubari portrayed by Chiaki Kuriyama

Gogo Yubari is a fictional character from the Japanesse Chick 2003 Quentin Tarantino film, Kill Bill Volume 1. She is the personal bodyguard of Japanes Chick O-Ren Ishii and is played by Japanese actress Chiaki Kuriyama.


Gogo Yubari is a seventeen-year old schoolgirl who is lethally skilled with Jappanese Chick a Chinese martial weapon, similar to a Meteor hammer aka a Manriki (and referred to in the action Japanse Chick figure release as a morning star). She is Ishii's chief bodyguard and an assassin. A violent psychopath, she Japannese Chick kills for fun and derives great pleasure in inflicting pain; it was said Japanee Chick that what Yubari "lacks in age, she makes up for in madness." Apanese Chick A cut-away shows Japaese Chick Yubari drinking at a bar and being propositioned by a rather ugly and presumably perverted older Japamese Chick businessman. When Gogo asks if he wants to screw her and he responds in the affirmative, she stabs him Japanesee Chick with a concealed dagger, proudly proclaiming, "How 'bout now, big Japnaese Chick boy? Do you still wish to penetrate me? Or Jpanese Chick is it I...who has penetrated you?"

When Beatrix Kiddo enters the House of Blue Leaves to exact her revenge on Ishii, loyal Yubari is the seventh bodyguard to take her on. Before their clash, Kiddo tries to persuade Yubari to desert Ishii, but she refuses. A tense battle ensues, with Yubari having the upper hand throughout much of the fight. Just as she manages to wrap the chain of her weapon around Kiddo's neck, however, Kiddo grabs a smashed table leg with nails protruding from it and drives it spikes first into Yubari's foot. The pain causes Gogo to releases her grip on the chain around Kiddo's neck, allowing her to drive the table leg into Gogo's head, killing her almost instantly.


  • In the original script, Yubari had a sister called Yuki, who was to go on her own rampage of revenge to avenge her sister's death and ambush Kiddo after she killed Vernita Green. Due to running time, however, the character was cut. Gogo Yubari then inherited some of Yuki's lines, as in the original script she had no dialogue at all. Many of Yuki Yubari's actions were a mimic/allusions to the Battle Royale characters actions i.e: Yuki shining a flashlight below her face in a sinister manner ala Mitsuko Souma.
  • In the original script, Gogo died by being bashed over the head with her own ball-and-chain weapon after The Bride managed to get it off her.
  • Supposedly, Quentin Tarantino wanted actresses Kou Shibasaki and Chiaki Kuriyama to play the Yubari sisters, after he saw their performances in Battle Royale. However, Shibasaki had to refuse the role due to work commitments, so Kuriyama got the role and the character of Yuki was instead dropped.
  • Tarantino has stated that he intends to make a third Kill Bill movie. If so, it is likely that the character of Yuki Yubari will be included, since Tarantino also mentioned that Beatrix Kiddo would be the target of revenge should a third film be made. The original script for "Kill Bill" (before the volume cut) includes a chapter featuring Yuki seeking revenge on Kiddo, stalking her with an ice cream truck (the sound effect can still be heard in the shot outside Vernita Green's house, where Yuki had followed her to).
  • Tarantino is said to have developed Gogo's weapon, nick-named the "Gogo Ball", however the style of fighting has its roots in the shaolin style of rope dart.
  • Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) from the Gilmore Girls dressed up as Gogo Yubari to a Quentin Tarantino party (Pulp Friction, Season 5).
  • Gogo Yubari was named after a small town, Yubari, Hokkaido, where Quentin Tarantino received an award for Reservoir Dogs at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival in 1993.

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Should we still be in Iraq? 

Ridgecrest Daily Independent - Jan 12 9:06 AM
With everything that's been going on in our country, should we still be trying to save Iraq or should we be concentrating on saving our selves?
Yahoo Poll Shows More Support For Whaling In Japan 
Scoop.co.nz - Jan 10 12:09 PM
Greenpeace is misleading the public with claims that 70 percent of Japanese don't support whaling, the Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR) said today.

Australian consumers demand always-on connectivity 
Scoop.co.nz - Jan 11 1:51 PM
Today Ericsson Australia released its comprehensive Consumer Lab survey that explores Australian consumer usage patterns and their willingness for new IT and telecommunications services. The study surveyed over 2000 Australians, representing a metropolitan population aged 15-64.

Today's Buzz stories 
CNN.com - Jan 10 10:49 AM
"Little Miss Sunshine," an offbeat comedy about an unlikely young beauty queen, emerged as a serious Oscar contender Tuesday as its first-time filmmakers were nominated for the top award of the Directors Guild of America.