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Japanese Fans
Missing Japanese Actor Found Dead 

ContactMusic - Jan 12 10:01 AM
A Japanese actor who went missing in Colombia has been discovered dead and already buried in the country's port city Cartagena. SHINGO MUKAI is belie
Japanese Spitz
Mad Momusis an Inspiration ..... ; POP 
RedNova - Jan 05 4:10 PM
By JOE MUGGS Momus Spitz SCOTSMAN-turnedworld-citizen Nick Currie - aka Momus - took the stage in pyjamalike suit, ludicrous Beatle-wig and his trademark eyepatch, with only a laptop for accompaniment.

Japanese Thumbs
In Japan, barely a ripple 
Los Angeles Times - Jan 11 2:46 AM
Apple's much-anticipated iPhone is 'business as usual' in a country where mobile features already are so advanced. TOKYO — Tomoaki Kurita presides over racks of cellphones lined up outside his shop on a busy sidewalk in Harajuku, Tokyo's catwalk of youth street culture where people attracted by the riot of phone options can stop to flip open and fondle the latest models of what the Japanese ...

Japanese Trees
The grounds of the Memorial building have a new look 
Cocke County Online - Jan 11 5:08 PM
The grounds of the Memorial building have a new look thanks to Willie Strange and his business, Strange Tree Cutting. In recent days, Strange and his crew trimmed trees, manicured the grounds, and set up flower beds for winter pansies and Japanese hollies.

Japanese Nurse
Sakura-Con Announces First Japanese Guests for 10th Anniversary Celebration 
Anime News Network - Jan 12 2:04 AM
Seattle, WA- 1-11-2007 Just in time for the New Year Sakura-Con is pleased to present three new Guests of Honor for Sakura-Con 2007!

Japanese Rock
Video games, rock'n'roll find common ground 
Reuters via Yahoo! News - Jan 12 10:59 AM
Misunderstood in the mainstream, scorned by parents and politicians and embraced by youth, video games are the rock 'n' roll of this generation and in an increasingly tight embrace with U.S. musicians.

Japanese Yew
Lakes set for flood of fans from Japan 
icNewcastle - Sunday Sun - Jan 07 1:46 AM
North tourism bosses are bracing themselves for an influx of Japanese Beatrix Potter fans by hiring interpreters.

Japanese Nudist
PASSINGS / They gave us art, soul and strength. A tribute to those who left us. 
San Francisco Chronicle - Dec 29 3:43 AM
It's been inescapable this week, with television news pioneer Frank Stanton dying one day, "Godfather of Soul" James Brown dying the next and Gerald Ford, the oldest living president in U.S. history, the day after that. Death during the end-of-the year...

Japanese Mp3
Canon to Take Control of Joint Venture 
Stamford Advocate - Jan 12 3:05 AM
Japanese electronics maker Canon will take full control of a joint venture for flat panel TVs using a new technology called SED, the company said Friday, in a move aimed at an early settlement of a legal dispute in the United States.

Japanese Song
Report: Japanese lawmaker in North Korea to try to break impasse in nuclear talks 
Boston Herald - Jan 12 9:32 AM
TOKYO - A Japanese lawmaker said he met with North Korean officials in the reclusive country's capital this week in an attempt to break an impasse in the six-nation talks on the North's nuclear...

Japanese Engine
Petronas Debuts Japanese Lubricants Mart 
Bernama - Jan 12 3:32 AM
KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 12 (Bernama) -- Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas) Friday made its debut in the Japanese lubricants market with the launch of its range of premium grade motor vehicle engine oils.

Japanese Wallpaper
He hopes to be an ambassador in Hawaii 
South Bend Tribune - Jan 12 4:56 AM
Thirteen-year old Jarrod Ellis is looking forward to attending a real luau. "Even," he said, "if it does cut into baseball, my favorite sport, for a little while!"

Japanese Knives
UPDATE: Small-cap Fund Manager Ryan Crane Is Stockpicker Of The Quarter 
Nasdaq - Jan 12 1:36 PM
SAN FRANCISCO (Dow Jones) -- Many investors balk at the daunting amount of digging in the search for small-cap stocks; Ryan Crane grabs a shovel.

Japanese Origami
Tradition and stamp of individuality 
The Telegraph - Jan 08 2:24 PM
Like geisha, origami, kabuki, Noh and Sony, pottery is synonymous with the culture of Japan. The Japanese are well-versed in the art of ceramics and objects made from earth or clay are highly-prized. Not all of these have a utilitarian value and are valued as pieces of art.

Japanese Beauty
Japanese students face chopstick test 
AFP via Yahoo! News - Jan 10 9:09 AM
It's no secret that the Japanese are obsessed with education but in addition to the usual reading, writing and arithmetic some students will soon be tested on their ability to use... chopsticks.

Japanese Drawings
The Presentation of Works on Paper 
American Artist - Jan 11 12:11 AM
Drawings, by their very nature, are delicate works of art—sensitive to excessive light, airborne pollutants, and moisture, among other elements—and thereby require a great deal of consideration and care. Works of art on paper are commonly matted and framed as a means of both display and protection.

Japanese Drums
Drums of the Rising Sun 
New Straits Times - Jan 10 5:30 PM
CATCH a fascinating Japanese drum performance by Hono-O-Daiko and Tokyo Dageki Dan at Istana Budaya (Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur) on Jan 20 and 21.

Japanese Plums
Spiced plums 
Guardian Unlimited - 1 hour, 5 minutes ago
Colette Rossant, aged 22, landed with her husband in New York in 1955, ready to take a bite from the Big Apple as she had already eaten of Cairene fruit (see her memoir, Apricots on the Nile) and consumed France (Return to Paris).

Japanese Swimsuit
The Year in Film - 2006 
filmcritic.com - Jan 06 11:10 AM
Oh, 2006, you were such a scrappy little year.

Japanese Busty
David Beckham 
My Village Notting Hill - Jan 12 2:30 AM
Becks to play in America - Jan 11 2007 David Beckham is moving to America to play for Los Angeles Galaxy, he announced today.

Japanese Pokemon
Dragon Quest Tops Japanese New Year Chart 
Gamasutra - Jan 11 6:15 AM
Delayed by several days because of the Japanese New Year holidays - a more significant gift giving occasion in the country than Christmas - the latest charts for the week ending December 31st show a highly impressive debut for Square Enix's latest Nintendo DS title. Created as a reaction to the Pokemon phenomenon, the Dragon Quest Monsters spin-off series has not seen a new entry since the ...

Japanese Americans
History will remember Albany terrorism sting as a witch hunt 
Albany Times Union - Jan 12 2:28 AM
we'll look back on the present national paranoia over terrorism and the excesses done in its name with the same national embarrassment that Americans feel for Sen. Joe McCarthy's communist witch hunts of the 1950s and our appalling treatment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

Japanese Shoguns
Museum Scores Bullseye With Colt Exhibit 
The Morning News - Jan 10 11:19 PM
HARTFORD, Conn. -- It's been a decade since the Wadsworth Atheneum had an exhibit on native son Samuel Colt, an icon who revolutionized the American firearms industry and put Hartford on the world map.

Japanese Video
Video games, rock'n'roll find common ground 
Reuters via Yahoo! News - Jan 12 10:59 AM
Misunderstood in the mainstream, scorned by parents and politicians and embraced by youth, video games are the rock 'n' roll of this generation and in an increasingly tight embrace with U.S. musicians.

Japanese Children
Children of Mana 
CBS News - Jan 12 7:34 AM
Nintendo has now released "Children of Mana" for the Nintendo DS handheld console and from the very start it brought me right back into the essence of "Mana," the sentient life-force that sustains the world.

Japanese Comics
Global endeavor: Japanese Friendship Program unveils new Web site 
The Southern Illinoisan - Jan 12 5:33 AM
MARION - The Southern Illinois Japanese Friendship Program has managed to stay busy enough to say it in two languages and a new Web site is taking that mission global.

Japanese Games
Japanese Software Market Up 125% In 2006 
Gamasutra - Jan 12 6:15 AM
Enterbrain, the Japanese publisher behind leading magazine Famitsu, has revealed new data which shows the Japanese games market experienced a significant expansion in 2006, following several years of decline. Software sales for the last twelve months rose by 125 percent to ¥363.89 billion ($3.02bn), with hardware sales up 160 percent to ¥ 261.9 billion ($2.17bn). Despite suffering from ...

Japanese Guys
Under the Sands of Iwo Jima 
Washington Post - Jan 12 1:30 PM
"Letters From Iwo Jima" is a necessary movie; too bad it's not a great movie.

Japanese Occupation
Book Report: How the Japanese economy reinvented itself 
International Herald Tribune - Jan 12 10:50 AM
A review of "Japan Remodeled," by Steven Kent Vogel, an analysis of Japan's distinctive market economy.

Japanese Zero
Japanese luggage company acquires Zero Halliburton 
Deseret Morning News - Jan 10 11:49 PM
Zero Corp., based in North Salt Lake, on Wednesday said it has sold its Zero Halliburton consumer division to ACE Co. Ltd., a Japanese luggage maker.

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Japanese Fans
The Dragon Ball AF logo from Daizenshuu EX Japanesse Fans April's Fool Prank

Dragon Ball AF is a non-existent anime or manga series that has been Japanes Fans rumored to exist by many fans of the Dragon Ball manga and anime series. It is not only Japanees Fans fictional, but a complete fabrication in itself, Japnese Fans and a source of confusion and frustration to many fans.


  • 1 History
  • 2 Perpetuation Jappanese Fans and Contribution
  • 3 Lack of Validity
  • 4 References


The infamous Japanee Fans "Super Saiyan 5" fan art.

The Dragon Ball Apanese Fans AF myth (in addition to many other, similar rumors with varying letter-combinations) seems to have begun in 1997, shortly Japaese Fans after Dragon Ball GT ended in Japamese Fans Japan. At the time, the supposed "GT sequel" was nameless, and the rumors Japanesee Fans relatively localized and short-lived. However, a piece of fan art began circulating Japnaese Fans around the Internet in 2000, bearing a logo reading "Dragon Ball AF" (see the image at right). It was the inclusion Jpanese Fans of this logo that appeared to give it credence among some fans. In October of the same year, a lengthy article appeared on the now-defunct fansite Majin.com, which raised the image's profile even further. This article purported to have "information" on the "new series" from a "source in Japan," though it was largely self-contradictory; it is not entirely clear, however, whether the article's author was being serious or tongue-in-cheek. Although the webmaster later recanted his claims, the rumors had already grown beyond his control, and the site ceased to be updated a short time later.

Thus, at the end of 2000, there began a new flurry of speculation and hearsay that grew over time into the rumors that exist now. Interestingly, despite the dramatic changes the rumors have undergone since the original Majin.com article (not to mention the obvious lack of a new Dragon Ball series since 1997), the myth of Dragon Ball AF has endured to the present day among many non-Japanese fans, a fact which baffles those who are more knowledgeable. However, the reason for the rumor's popularity most likely stems from a more-or-less constant influx of new fans, who are unaware that there is no new Dragon Ball in production.

The Daizenshuu EX Dragon Ball AF "April Fools'" print advertisement.

In 2004, the noted Dragon Ball fansite Daizenshuu EX played upon the long-standing rumors in an April Fools' prank.[1] While not the first time that a fansite has "announced" the series as a joke (it is a tradition that goes back to April 2001), their version was certainly the most elaborate: both a printed flyer and a commercial were made using existing artwork, and a new logo was created in Adobe Photoshop. The prank, from its conception to its execution, is documented as an in-depth feature on Daizenshuu EX. Both the "flyer" and "commercial" were full of hints (in Japanese) that they were not genuine, though many fans who did not know Japanese were quick to believe them wholeheartedly, in spite of the date. Although well-intended and well-done, this hoax caused quite a bit of confusion, helping to increase (at least temporarily) the already-rampant amount of fan speculation. Both the logo and flyer created by the webmasters of Daizenshuu EX have since appeared, bereft of their original context, on other websites. Those who are unaware of this prank may then be even more likely to believe in the rumors, an unintended consequence of the ease with which information is disseminated over the Internet.

Perpetuation and Contribution

Rumors about Dragon Ball AF are chiefly spread through Internet forums and IRC, as well as Usenet and ordinary word-of-mouth. Those who read or hear these rumors may then set up web pages that serve to further propagate the myth. There are many supposed bits of "information" about the series, most of which stem from fans believing that fan art or fan fiction is from an official source. Fans have also embroidered upon the legend themselves, by adding new plot points and characters as they see fit. They likely mean such ideas to be speculation only, but nevertheless have their comments taken at face-value by others. Dragon Ball AF has been claimed, at various times by various individuals, to be a new or upcoming anime in Japan, a new manga series by Akira Toriyama himself, or a fan-made dōjinshi. The latter is probably the closest to the truth, but whether such fan-comics are the cause of the rumors or a product thereof is unknown.

Lack of Validity

Within the realm of officially-licensed properties (those which are produced by or with the approval of Bird Studio, Shueisha, and Toei Animation), Dragon Ball AF simply does not exist. Any DBAF dojinshi, should they even exist, occupy the same legal status as fan fiction and fan art. There has been no new Dragon Ball material from Japan since 1997, other than the perfect edition manga (released 2002-2004) and the Dragon Box DVD boxed sets (released 2003-2006), which collect previously-existing material with some new artwork, but no new story arcs. Toriyama has publicly stated that he has no intentions of continuing the series (which he finished in 1995), though he has drawn a parody series, Neko Majin, in which several Dragon Ball characters appear. The potential exists, however minute, for a theatrical Dragon Ball movie release during the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the anime in Japan (in 2011), though nothing to that effect has been announced at this time.

The Dragon Ball fansite Daizenshuu EX has created a specifically-designed list[2] of the features of AF that should disprove its existence to the especially obstinate. These are:

  1. Lack of advertising in Japanese media.
    • This point includes print sources (such as the Japanese Shonen Jump), TV ads, and official Japanese websites. Since Dragon Ball is well-known throughout Japan, a sequel series would not be released unpromoted, nor would it go unnoticed by the Japanese population. Daizenshuu EX took advantage of this fact, however, as part of its 2004 April Fool's joke, creating both a "print ad" and a "TV commercial" from other sources. This material, bereft of its context, has since been cited as "evidence" for the existence of AF.
  2. Lack of official announcements by Toriyama, Shueisha, or Toei Animation.
    • Tying in to the idea of "advertising" above, none of the official Japanese sources of Dragon Ball material have come forward with any news on the scale of AF. Such a series would warrant at least a comment, if not an elaborately-staged introduction, from one or more of these entities. Of course, this has not stopped fans from claiming that such an announcement has already taken place (though there is no record of one ever occurring).
  3. Lack of articles, previews, or reviews of the series, in Japanese magazines or online blogs.
    • Note, however, that some Japanese fans have taken to commenting on the AF phenomenon outside of Japan, and this may be regarded as commentary on the "series" itself by those who do not speak Japanese. Indeed, the language barrier has often been a source of obfuscation, both for those who would believe the rumors, and those whose goal is to spread them further.
  4. Lack of scans from manga releases or screen captures / movie clips from new episodes.
    • While many "faked" images (generally produced as humorous commentary on the rumors, or outside of AF but incorporated into it accidentally) do exist, there are no raw manga scans or unaltered screenshots available, anywhere. Particularly good artwork may be mistakenly viewed as "promotional art," but no media from within the manga/anime exists. Therefore, the burden of proof is on those who claim they own the series to put forth something they cannot possibly have (calls for such individuals to show whatever material they have are usually met by excuses or ad-hominem attacks).
  5. Lack of scanlations or fansubs.
    • Ethical and legal issues aside, a series as popular as Dragon Ball would not long remain without a fan-translated version. The methods of digital distribution are such that it would be virtually impossible not to find such materials, even in a casual search. Neither of these two things exists, however.
  6. Lack of official merchandise.
    • Dragon Ball is, and always has been, heavily marketed commercially. In Japan, a multitude of items, from action figures, to snacks, CDs, stationery, desks, and even children's eyedrops, have been sold as Dragon Ball products or endorsed by characters from the series. The lack of official AF merchandise, then, is a strong indicator that such a series does not in fact exist.
  7. Official denial by both VIZ Media and FUNimation.
    • Such denials would run counter to the financial interests of both of these companies (the distributors of Dragon Ball manga and anime in the US) were the rumors to be true. It is highly unlikely that they would categorically dismiss a property that could make them millions of dollars.


  1. ^ Michael LaBrie (2 April 2004). April Fool's 2004 (DBAF). Daizenshuu EX.
  2. ^ There's a new series coming out called DragonBall AF, in which Goku goes Super Saiyan 5, etc.:Absolutely and patently False. Rumor Guide. Daizenshuu EX.
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Missing Japanese Actor Found Dead 

ContactMusic - Jan 12 10:01 AM
A Japanese actor who went missing in Colombia has been discovered dead and already buried in the country's port city Cartagena. SHINGO MUKAI is belie
Toyota unveil TF107, talk of first F1 win 
TSN - Jan 12 7:33 AM
Toyota unveiled the TF107 in Cologne, Germany on Friday which the Japanese manufacturer hopes will bring them that elusive first F1 win this season. Team president John Howett admits Toyota under delivered and that results were unsatisfactory in 2006, prompting chairman Tsutomu Tomita to issue a public apology for the team's shortcomings.

Globes leave S.A. in the dark 
San Antonio Express News - Jan 11 9:14 PM
When San Antonio movie fans settle in for the Golden Globe Awards Monday night (7-10 on NBC), they're likely to feel a little left out.

Video games, rock'n'roll find common ground 
Reuters via Yahoo! News - Jan 12 10:59 AM
Misunderstood in the mainstream, scorned by parents and politicians and embraced by youth, video games are the rock 'n' roll of this generation and in an increasingly tight embrace with U.S. musicians.